1. Top Five Requirements Challenges and Success Factors

  2. Creating Clock-works Webinars

  3. Requirements Management - a behind the scenes look at Certification Creation

  4. Negotiating trough Change - how to help yourself and your team

  5. Communications for Teams - including understanding your preferences and others too

  6. Big Impact on BA, How the Business Analyst must adapt to the world of Agile/SCRUM

  7. Cruising through the Challenge of Change

  8. Global Project Management

  9. The Portfolio and Program Management Standard

  10. Program Management Framework  AND The Program Standard and Skills for Success

  11. Assessing Your Organization’s Readiness for Program Management

  12. The PMBOK Guide and an Integrated Brain  AND Why the Right Brain Rocks

  13. The Secret Sauce of Success for your PMO

  14. Setting Up a PMO  AND The PMO Mentor

  15. Integrated Framework of Contextual Factors Affecting Project Implementation

  16. Virtual Teams and Communication Keys  AND Critical Communications for your PMO

  17. Strength-based Teams

The Ouellette Group Team has been sharing knowledge and experiences at conferences and seminars across the globe. Over the past 5 years we have presented key note addresses, served as conference host, conducted research studies and presentations, and facilitated focus group workshops. As we continue to share our wealth of knowledge with the community, we hope you will join us in some of these upcoming events. You will find us at PMI Chapter events, Seminars in Europe and The Americas, and Conferences and Forums throughout the globe.  Some of our highlighted presentation subjects are listed below: